Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am ME because...

I’m weird because…

I can’t sleep with my hair down.
I have a no shoes policy in my home.
I wink at the clock any time it’s 11:11.
I love to smell Kimmy’s hair many times a day.
I prefer to NOT cuddle when I sleep.
I like sleeping in the middle of the bed.
I can’t sleep with a top sheet.
I’m scared crickets…like deathly.
I don’t eat pizza unless I have ranch dressing.
I drink from over 5 glasses a day.
I take a scalding hot shower when I can’t get warm.
I have a cheap sunglasses and purse addiction.
I start my shopping in the sales section of every store, and most times I never leave.
I would rather clean up cat poo than empty the dishwasher or blow-dry my hair.
I could eat grilled candy every meal for the rest of my life and be happy.
I would rather watch an entire season in 3 nights on DVD than watch a show weekly.
I do a happy dance when I get a package in the mail.

I’m a bad friend because…

I hate to check my voice mails.
I like being a hermit some days.
I have trouble committing to activities and play dates until the last minute.
I always say what I’m thinking.

I’m a good friend because…

I want to see those I love succeed.
I love and cherish friendship.
I love my friends kiddos like they are my own.
You can show up at my house at midnight to talk about your bad day.
I’m not afraid to get silly and slap happy.
I always say what I’m thinking.

I’m sad because…

I wish my sister lived closer.
I too often get consumed with Momma guilt.
I sometimes let little things get in the way of the big picture.
I need to be better at letting things roll off my back.
I wish I could control my anger better.

I’m happy because…

I am a good momma to miss kimmy.
Kimberly is completely potty trained and in big girl undies! :)
Its Christmas season and I am making thanksgiving dinner!
My entire family will be here for Kimberly’s party…my mom AND my dad…
I’m excited for…
The exciting things going on in our church.
Kimberly being in a “real” daycare and learning new things every day.
Snowman building.
Fireplace cuddling… if only I had a fireplace  lol
Turkey eating.
Movie watching.
Family time.

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