Sunday, April 22, 2012

happy does not begin to cover it

when i started this year, i knew it would be my year. i had no idea it would be so outstandingly amazing! i have moved to a new department in my job and i love it. my teacher is great and it makes my job as an aid so much easier. my daughter is thriving in preschool and will be right on track to moving to a new class in the fall... she might even be able to start kindergarten early! such a smart cookie :) i have found an amazing man and i wouldnt trade him for anything. i cannot remember a time i have been happier. i love him with all my heart and hes a perfect fit with me and kimmy. another plus: he has a dog that is kimmy's new best friend. i am working on getting rid of bills and was able to sell my truck and get a car that i have paid off. i am looking forward to everything that is still to come. i cannot wait. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

New years reso...what?

Well I have fallen into the same lull I think everyone does with new years resolutions. BUT I refuse to give up. I am getting back on track and am going to beat this! I have been searching for new workouts and I have been very successful. I wish I had the determination my sister does... and the resources. Wishful thinking is not going to get me anywhere. Hard work and sweat will do it. And by the time my bestie gets August- I will be well on my way to being at my goal weight!