Friday, October 14, 2011

feeling guilty for questioning His character

so i must confess...i have done something i never thought i would do. i questioned the character of God and His love for me. in a huge valley of weakness and panic, instead of turning to him and asking for his favor, i blamed him and questioned his existence. i feel like a jerk for this because i know it is always darkest before the dawn. i was in this darkest hour and couldnt see my hand in front of my face, let alone God standing beside me holding that hand. i questioned his love and protection. and i got a huge taste of humble pie. i was blessed beyond measure right after i made a huge butt of myself. i am pleading for his forgiveness and for him to place one hand on my shoulder and the other one over my mouth to slow my tongue enough for my brain to think before i question his favor for my life again. i was greatly blessed with a job at a church ran daycare and learning center. i am hoping this church can become a new home for me. there have been so many changes in the past month my head is still spinning. i cannot believe this is my life. and there is only God to thank for it. What if you only had today, what you thanked God for yesterday? i will be striving to live this mantra every single day! loves~