Tuesday, August 9, 2011

family pictures...finally!

so the last time i actually had pictures done with miss KJ was when she was 5 days old... that was 972 days ago...yes almost 3 whole years. i promised myself i would get pictures done every year to have memories of how fast kimmy was growing...but life happens. and money gets tight. i have almost 3000 pictures of kimmy on my phone and saved to my computer, but those are ones i have taken of just her. or of us in the bathroom mirror haha. so i finally had them done yesterday. a good friend of mine, erika, has posted pics of her girls a lot on her blog, and i told her she could practice on me and kimmy any time. well thank god she took me up on the offer and we came out with some amazing shots. i am very thankful she is so wonderful!

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