Sunday, July 31, 2011

when my brain cant shut up

there are some times in my life i wish my brain had a mute button. or a power off switch. on nights like these where it just runs and runs and never slows down enough for me to get to sleep, i hate it. i just keep going over lists of things that i need to do in the coming week and things i need to remember to write down later so i do not forget...well my brain never lets me forget because it wont just be quiet! so here i am, up writing what my brain wont stop telling me.
~church tomorrow, dont forget moms coming over for lunch.
~keep packing slowly. we need to find a house with a fenced yard.
~dont forget to water the plants tomorrow.
(this stuff is all so random and nothing i can do anything about until at least tomorrow or monday...i hate my brain some nights!)
~pay rent and go get stuff for janelles baby shower gift.
its all just maybe that i have wrote it down i can sleep.


  1. I hate that feeling when you roll over and see the clock changing from 12:30 to 12:35 and then 2:00 and you still haven't slept. I like to make lists and blog when that happens, trouble is then the clock says 4 by the time I am tired again and the kids will be up by 6...

  2. I am the same way sister. It's kind of a cruel joke. You spend half the night laying awake thinking about things you have to do and then you no energy the next day to do them because you're half sleep deprived.

    Not cool.

  3. haha! You are too funny! I need a mute button sometimes too!