Tuesday, October 26, 2010

making the most of the hand i am dealt

first of all, i have to say my sister is amazing. i could not ask for a better person to be in my life as a sister. she was able to watch kimmy for me while i got the entire baby sitter search under way...and she helped kimmy break the habit of no more sucker...which i had been dreading. i have come to realize that kimmy whining (although it bugs me more than anything in the world) is not the end of the world...and she is going to do it no matter what i do...so i use headphones to drown her out while she cries herself to sleep. its a process were working on, but were getting there.
second of all, i hate being sick. i know no one loves or likes being sick. but unless you have tried being sick while having a healthy child, you have no idea how much i hate it! its worse when the kid is sick too, but its all a huge suckfest. am glad to be gettin better though, because i wont be coughing so hard i wanna puke or pee lol. i am also glad that this portion of dumb classes is almost over. i can no longer stand to talk about psychology or philosophy gibberish. bring on communications and algebra! am thankful that my tuition refund check will be here next week... i can then get some things caught up and maybe treat myself to a haircut and highlights as a late birthday present to myself since i did nothing but sit home on the actual one. learning who real, good friends are in my life is a new adventure as well. knowing who to keep close and who to keep at arms length for my own sanity and knowing who to throw across the lake is getting easier. i cannot believe this year is almost over and i am still struggling with things... (those will be revealed later...) i need to get my ass in gear and get back to the old Renee and back into my skinny jeans. but to be able to do that, im going to have to work hard...and getting to the point of working hard is almost unavoidable. but when i get there (im hoping by mid november) i will be unstoppable. and by the time i am done with overhauling my life, i will be a force to be reckoned with... and there will be no holding me back!

my new life goals:
get fit and be the size i want.
save money to pay off truck and buy new one.
start saving money to get braces.

this is all i have to say for now.

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