Monday, October 18, 2010

living and loving my life

as it stands right now, i have 3 full time jobs; single mom, college student, and denture center receptionist/lab tech. my life has become so busy in the last month that i have not had time to think let alone write a blog haha.
kimmy is growing up more and more every day and i can barely keep up. she has an amazing new babysitter that i am so blessed to have in our lives. today was her first day and i just had a sense of peace when i left kimmy at her house. this is a peace i have only experienced when leaving kimmy at my sisters place. i can just feel the love from her toward kimmy. its awesome how some unexpected things fall apart so better things can fall together.
i am still doing great in school, but have been struggling with the last two classes because of the content... psychology and philosophy... can you blame me?? to me they are both total BS! but i am still succeeding with flying colors, although with gritted teeth... lol.
i have changed a lot in my life in the past bit. finally got into my new place and have a wonderful job that challenges me. i have cut the bad people out of my life and decided what i need and that is not a dead-beat boyfriend. i want a man that treats me right and accepts me for who i am and what i want to be in the future. also a man that accepts my daughter and wants to be a positive influence in her life. i am no longer caught up in the frenzy of just being with whoever, but have decided to settle for nothing less than the best. i am hoping i have met him or will soon. but that is not the most important thing right now.
i have reconnected with old friends and am having a blast making new ones through school and new places i am going. i have started a life-change for myself and kimmy through eating better and starting a workout plan. ill be a hott(er) momma soon lol

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